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Safoora Azimi (BSc, MPharm, PgCert, PgDip, MRPharmS)

Safoora worked as a research environmental scientist on the effect of heavy metal pollution on the ecosystems and public health. This experience inspired her to move from laboratory to a direct healthcare role. She completed a pharmacy degree at University of Brighton and then continued her post-graduate clinical studies at Aston University. During her studies, she was lucky to win several awards such as Royal Pharmaceutical Society Award for “Best Student in Pharmacy Degree”, Johnson & Johnson Ltd Award for “ Best Academic Performance” and Quorum Technologies Award for “ Best Project in Electron Microscopy”. She worked as a hospital pharmacist before joining general practice. Her main area of interest is mental health and neurology. Her role as a practice pharmacist is varied including (not limited to) responding to the medication queries, medication reviews, consultations, medicines optimization and quality improvement projects. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, wildlife watching/photography and stargazing.