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Hypertension Review

Hypertension Annual Review

Hypertension Review

Before completing this review, please make a note of 7 days worth of blood pressure readings. If you do not have a blood pressure machine, then we still ask you to complete the review.
However, if you would like to purchase a blood pressure monitor we would recommend Omron. These are available from all good online retailers.
For help and advice about how to take home blood pressure readings click here for a pdf

1. In the morning, ensure that you are rested and have taken no exercise in the last 30 minutes.
2. Then sit in a chair comfortably upright with your arm supported on a table beside you, with both feet on the ground.
3. Put the cuff on your upper arm (5cm above your elbow) resting on the table, the cuff should be roughly at the level of your heart.
4. Press the on/start button on the BP monitor and take three readings at least 1 minute apart.
5. Record the best reading with your pulse rate
6. Repeat that evening & for a total of 7 days using alternate arms.

If you have 7 days worth of readings, then please continue

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